Your Toddler Birthday Party Planning Guide

Your Toddler Birthday Party Planning Guide
Your Toddler Birthday Party Planning Guide

The big day is coming soon. Your toddler’s birthday. You want to throw him a great birthday party, but the thought of where to start is paralyzing. Your darling little tyke deserves a special party, but the best you’ve come up with so far is an Elmo pinata hanging from the ceiling fan. Come on, you can do better than that!

The following are some pointers to get the toddler birthday party planning started.

1. Set a budget. It’s so easy to go overboard when it comes to planning your little one’s birthday. Once you know where to find the best decorations and accessories, you’ll need to have a budget guideline set up that you can stick to. Keep in mind too, that there may be other expenses at the last minute, so make sure your budget allows for some extras if needed.

2. Find an appropriate location. Most parents simply hold their toddler’s birthday party at home, but if you have a large family and lots of friends with little kids then you may consider a larger location such as a community room in your church. Maybe a family member has a larger space they will be willing to provide for the party.

3. Create a guest list. Think about the number of people that you can accommodate at your location. How many little kids will attend? Don’t go nuts with your guest list. Keep it manageable.

4. Find games and crafts. Locate games that toddlers will enjoy. Make sure that all little kids win a prize. If you invite older kids as well, then consider games for their age group. You’ll need enough supplies for all, and enough games or crafts planned to keep the party flowing.

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5. Decide how you’ll get the word out. You can either buy or create adorable invitations to go along with your toddler’s birthday party theme or keep it simple by emailing or inviting your guests in person. Give everyone enough advance notice to plan; two weeks is usually good.

6. The fun part – Your Toddler Birthday Party Theme. Here’s where you can have fun. If your toddler already has a favorite character or toy, then go with that. He will be absolutely thrilled! If you don’t have a set theme to start with, then check out some of the birthday party online sites; there are tons of great ideas.

Most of all, remember to stay calm, nobody likes a godzilla mom at a toddler birthday party. Plan ahead, set your budget and don’t forget that it’s for a very little kid who may or may not even know what’s going on. They’ll enjoy themselves if Mommy is happy and smiling!


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