What Does Your Baby Boy Wear?

What Does Your Baby Boy Wear
What Does Your Baby Boy Wear

Baby boy wear has come a long way since the little blue fuzzy sleepers and sailor suits that distinguished the boys from the girls oh so long ago. Today baby boy wear is as hip and stylish as the fathers clothing. Baby boys clothing is styled to be just like the big boys clothing, teenagers and young adults, only in a miniature size or baby size. Baby boys today look so cute in the miniature version of a childs or teenagers outfit, with classic T-shirts and cargo pants, no more bow-ties and knickers.

Baby boy wear is not only fashionable, but durable as well. New technology in stain resistance has enabled manufacturers to infuse fabrics with stain fighting chemicals that will help reduce the permanent stains that many of the older clothing were forced to wear.

Stains such as spit up, formula, breast milk, strained peas and carrots and other bright colored baby foods will no longer remain on the front ? or back ? of juniors clothing. Simple washing, no special soaps needed will lift the stains out of these new baby boy wear with stain guards.

Flame resistant materials are a great necessity in baby boy wear and the latest fashions do not disappoint in this area. Manufacturers have come up with a way to infuse the fabric with not only stain-fighting chemicals, but also flame-retardant chemicals as well. These latest fashions resist flames and have been laboratory tested to do so up to a certain degree of flame.

What Does Your Baby Boy Wear
What Does Your Baby Boy Wear

This is very important in case of a house fire, the child is playing with matches, or is close to a lit candle. Anything can and sometimes does happen and flame-retardant clothing is a good thing to have especially in baby boy wear.

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Baby boy wear is not just for casual, everyday wear. There are several manufacturers who produce baby boy wear that is also considered dressier than the everyday playwear that boys tend to wear or formal wear for those special occasions.

Formal wear can be a baby tuxedo for a wedding ceremony or a small suit and tie for a formal event such as an anniversary dinner party, holiday party or any type of party where dressing up is required and a normal everyday baby wear will just not do.

Formal wear can include a small pin-stripped suit and colorful tie, which of course is clipped on or sewn onto the button up shirt. And the button up shirt is actually Velcro in the back for easy of putting the baby in it.

What Does Your Baby Boy Wear #1
What Does Your Baby Boy Wear #1

Hidden snaps and Velcro make baby boy wear easier to handle when trying to get the baby into the stylish outfits. After all, what good is a stylish outfit if it?s not functional for the parent? Having snaps on the shoulders or along the sides where they are less likely to be seen enable the outfit to remain stylish and up-to-date yet make it easy for the person putting the outfit on the baby boy easier when the baby is wiggling around.


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