The Introduction of Timberland Kids Boots

Timberland Kids Boots

Fashion kis timberland boots are the famous children brand. The lining and insole are arranged by 50% rebirth PET web eyes. The boots can provide good shoes temperature control, wear-resisting nylon lace. Timberland fashion boots advanced dull polish leather and 100% organic cotton canvas vamp, fill the upper to be more comfortable.

It is featured by the nice colorful patch pattern on the upper leather. Seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps feet dry in any weather. The padded collar makes our all around ankle comfortable and keep back the debris. Timberland unique leather air permeability and climate control lining, the sole materials are 42% undo green rubber to rust.

In the year of 1918, Nathan Swartz founded the Timberland in American Boston. In the 60s, Timberland pushed the waterproof. It adopts unique shoemaking technology. They produced no suture lines between the soles and the vamp. In the year of 1973, Timberland produces the popular waterproof boots.

Now the products of Timberland are selling in all big cities of nationwide, including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. These products suits the east people going in for the elegance and fashion. The basic requirement is comfortable, light and personality. The features are the combination of repristination and new tide. In the style it is still further expansivity, highlighting the innervation of flow line.

In the aspect of style, it reflects the simple lines, afloat line, lyrical and light. At the same time it gives the rolling feeling. It develops to concise. Briefness is the main principle this winter. The development tendency stresses comfortable and romantic style, tactful and even vision, all kinds of materials to mix up and convenient to put on and put off. It stresses nature and pure. Sneakers and short boots are the main stream style, to adapt the need of outdoors activities. The colours largely adopts the primary colours echo to the nature.

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Do you know how to keep your favorite shoes? The first is to buy appropriate shoes, otherwise the shoes will be easy to deform and the feet will be hurt. The second is to clean the shoes at regular time, with the wet cloth to wipe. Don’t brush with the brush. The third is if the shoes are wet, to fill in the newspapers and to sustain the appearance. Let the shoes air drying naturely, to avoid the direct sunlight and high temperature baking. The shoes should be refrained from contacting with the easy corrosion of solvent, acid, alkali, oil. The fifth is to maintain two or more alternative shoes. Let the shoes take turns to have a rest.

The sixth is to wear the shoes(Timberland Shoes) frequently. In order to lengthen the service life, don’t wash too often. When the shoes are airing, to use the shoes support will help the shoes to recover the prototype. Fill in the shoes some newspapers to absorb the moisture in the shoes. Put the toe down and the sole toward to the walls. In the normal temperature the place of ventilate to airing. It will prevent from the moisture to immerse the low foam materials. After the shoes are dry, take out the newspapers. The excess of direct sunlight, the hot-gas of hair drier and undeserved nursing methods all will reduce the service life of shoes.


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