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How Kids Roman Blinds Can Add Individuality To Your Child & Nursery

A child’s nursery, to many people, can pose a challenge when it comes to decoration. The parents or guardian may feel that they need to come up with a theme, or they could worry that a certain

Articles On Parenting: Fact Or Fiction?

As a parent, it is important to get good information when it comes to parenting your children. There is nothing worse than reading articles on parenting that give bad advice and you read it not knowing that

Insensitive Parenting Advice From A Leading Radio Talk Show Host

Recently, a well-known, national, conservative, radio talk show host had a discussion about parenting coaches. (A parenting coach is a consultant who is hired to discuss and advise parents about how to deal with the many challenges

Is Your Child Present Focused?

Does your child complain and resist going to extracurricular activities only to have fun once you get them there? Once they are at a fun activity, does your child resist leaving? As a Martial Arts School Owner,

How To Teach Your Child Right From Wrong

0 – 1 YEAR- At this stage in life, the concepts of right and wrong are not possible to teach. Rather, an infant who is shown warmth,cuddling and loving attention is likely to grow into a healthy

Parenthood Involves Specific Skills And Unique Challenges

There is a good example of this, which has to do with everyone having a unique personality, with both positive and negative points. Then all of that seems to get mixed in a blender, and the result

The Best And Worst Sources For Parenting Advice – The Answers May Surprise You!

Parenting is a non-stop occupation. You never know when the next question or crisis will arise, so it’s a good idea to have some handy resources at the ready. When we’re new parents, the first source we

Five Safety Tips For Your Teen Driver

Few things are as frightening to a parent as handing the car keys over to a teenager, and with good reason. Accident rates for teen drivers, especially males, are far higher than for almost all other groups.

Influencing The Behavior Of Your Children – Understanding Behaviorial Patterns

There is no easy answer to this problem. There are thousands of books out there on this subject alone, and they all have different answers. We must remember that children are unique. There has never been a

Can You Imagine Parenting Paris?

Tracey over at Paris Hilton Watch is doing a great job keeping up with all Hilton’s latest antics. As a parent, however, I felt a strong urge to say something after hearing about Paris’ latest woes. Hilton was recently sentenced