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Superheroes: Positive Role Models?

We all grew up with superheroes. Maybe we wanted to be Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Are superheroes positive role models for our children? Batman Bruce...
Teenager Child Breakup As a Good Parent

Review Details on The Therapeutic Boarding Schools Services For Teenagers

Parents can also send their children who have OCD or ADHD problems in therapeutic boarding schools, which are offering different types of therapies for...
Insensitive Parenting Advice

Insensitive Parenting Advice From A Leading Radio Talk Show Host

Recently, a well-known, national, conservative, radio talk show host had a discussion about parenting coaches. (A parenting coach is a consultant who is hired...
How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

Bath or no bath for your baby just after he sees the light of the world entirely depends upon your decision. Traditionally immediately after...

8 Discussions To Have with Your Teen Before College

"When you have sex with а girl, bе gentle. Listen tо what she wants. Respect her, even іf you don't love her......" - Dad...