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Set an Example For Your Kids

Childhood obesity is an epidemic. We see news information about it all of the time and we see evidence of it every day when...
About Their Donor Dads

Talking To Your Kids About Their Donor Dads

For many gay, lesbian, choice single parents and infertile couples, donor sperm is a God send. Artificial insemination is often far less expensive than...

Superheroes: Positive Role Models?

We all grew up with superheroes. Maybe we wanted to be Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Are superheroes positive role models for our children? Batman Bruce...
Home-based Cognitive And Language Remediation Program

Smartstart: Home-based Cognitive And Language Remediation Program For Internationally Adopted Children

Children of different ages adopted internationally are often at risk educationally. Deprived of essential learning experiences in orphanages, children are indeed disadvantaged and may...

Surrogacy Spreading Happiness on Millions of Prospective Parents Faces

About 10% of male and females of reproductive age today are suffering from infertility. A report reveals that 6.1 million people in U.S. are...