Driver’s Education in Schools

As the parent of a teenager, do you attend meetings of your local

Can You Imagine Parenting Paris?

Tracey over at Paris Hilton Watch is doing a great job keeping up with all Hilton’s

Car Hunt With a Teen

We are now in the process of beginning an active search for a

Sexual Health & Teen Boys

A new study from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center talks about the sexual health of teenage boys.

Should High School Athletes Be Tested for Drugs?

Recently, I ran across an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionwhich brought a controversial issue up again for me. Should high school athletes by randomly tested for drugs? In my opinion, yes.

Michael Vick a Pathetic Choice as Teen Role Model

Professional athletes have long been role models for our children and teenagers. They have money, fame, and talent. They have made a name for themselves in a world where standing

Does Your Teen Need a Credit Card?

Do you have a teen who’s leaving for college soon? If you do, you may be facing the dilemma of whether or not they need a credit card for emergencies.

Parent Roles in Drug Prevention

If you are the parent of a child of any age, particular teenagers and preteens, you are probably concerned about drugs. And you should be. Drugs are rampant today. You

Warning Signs That Your Teen Is Using Drugs At Home

Learning how to spot the signs of drug use in your home is one of the most important precautionary steps a parent can take in the ever present threat of

Parenting Tips For Inspiring Children to be Well Behaved

The most difficult and trying thing that any person can do in life is raising children. But at the same time, it is also the most rewarding experience. Every mother