Michael Vick a Pathetic Choice as Teen Role Model

Michael Vick a Pathetic Choice as Teen Role Model
Michael Vick a Pathetic Choice as Teen Role Model

Professional athletes have long been role models for our children and teenagers. They have money, fame, and talent. They have made a name for themselves in a world where standing out from the crowd is difficult. They are also human and they make mistakes. Many an athlete has made wrong decisions and committed wrongdoings.

Then, along comes Michael Vick. You cannot call the decisions and actions for which he has been indicted mistakes. You cannot call them simple wrongdoings. They are-plainly and simply-cruelty.

News outlets, including the NFL’s official website are currently covering the decisions faced by the league and the Atlanta Falcon’s as to what to do about Vick’s playing status. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has ordered Vick to stay away from the Falcons’ training camp (which begins on Thursday), until a review of his indictment is completed. There has been no timetable placed on the length of the league’s investigation.

Meanwhile, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) and others are already protesting outside the location of the training camp. They are calling for Michael Vick’s suspension from the Falcons.

Personally, I think suspension is too good for him. Now, I realize that an indictment is a long way from conviction, and that it is up to a judge and jury to determine Michael Vick’s ultimate legal punishment. However, I don’t believe for one moment that Michael Vick is totally innocent of all charges.

I am disgusted by the thought of fighting animals for profit in the first place, but after reading about the things that went on inside Vick’s dogfighting operation, I was sickened and outraged. Not only fighting dogs and betting on them, but executing the losing dogs? And in such horrific ways-drowning, hanging, electrocution, bludgeoning. And this is a man that our children have looked up to?!

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What the ultimate outcome of the charges will be, no one can say. I, for one, believe that in a case as sickening as this, the punishment should fit the crime. If Vick is found guilty of the charges, let him play for the Falcons. And the first time the team loses a game-treat him the way he would have treated one of his losing dogs.


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