Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids


Halloween is only few days away. Are your kids ready for trick or treat? Kids like to dress up and get as much candy as they can. Now there are varieties of costumes to choose from. Every year the costume prices go higher. At this time of recession every family is cutting back on extra spending. This year, you can do something different other than go to the store and buy costume for your kids.

Now you can make a costume at home. It takes less time to make and you do not have to spend much on materials. You can use the materials lying around your home. By making the Halloween costume for your kids, you will get time to spend with your kids and they will be happy to pitch in.

Below are 5 last minute Halloween costumes that will please your kids and your wallet too.

1. Bob the builder costume. If your kid is a huge fan of bob the builder, then you do not have to pay more for the costume. You can make it by yourself. You probably have most of the items at home. You can use a pair of overalls. Your child can wear any long sleeve shirt. You can put patches of different color material on the shirt or use the shirt as it is. The hat and tools are very easy to find at your local dollar store.

2. Princess. The princess costume is popular among girls. If you do not have time to make the costume and you do not want to spend much on it, you can use her party dress. Do little bit of make up. Buy wand and crown, your little princess is ready for trick or treat.

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3. Painter. If it is your or your kid?s favorite hobby to paint, then it is the easiest costume ever. You can use long sleeve white shirt and tell your kid to stamp the paint or draw whatever they like on the shirt. You can pair the white shirt with any color pant or jeans.

4. Fast Food worker. You can make this easy costume in no time. You will need red apron and spray the fabric paint of any fast food logo, your kid love to eat. You can ask for a free hat from your local fast food chain. It is easy and affordable to make.

5. Football player. The football player costume is inexpensive and your kid can wear it all year around. Buy a t-shirt of your kid?s favorite football player and matching shorts. Try to get the helmet and use black washable marker to draw lines on the face.

These costumes take less time to put together. Your kids will love them and may be they could win a prize for wearing these homemade costumes. You can keep them and use for your younger kids.


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