Kids Should Carry Raincoat To School During Rainy Season

Kids Should Carry Raincoat To School
Kids Should Carry Raincoat To School

After the scorching summer season, monsoon arrived. I was getting ready for my school and my mom was preparing breakfast for me. I had a test in my school; I kept the note book open on the table, so that I can revise the things as well as get ready for the school. My dad was reading the newspaper on the balcony and having his tea.

I was bit tensed because there was many things left which I was supposed to revise. The test was going to take place on the first period, thus I was in little hurry just to reach the school on time. I had my breakfast very steadily and mom packed my lunch and kept inside my bag.

I called up my dad just to drop me for the school, he took out the scooter and he was about to start, suddenly it started raining heavily. I just got dishearten after thinking how I will reach school on time? My mind was not working and by seeing the condition I could make out that the rain won’t stop for the next two hours.

After few minutes I saw my mom coming out, holding something in her hand. She gave that packet to me and I discovered that it was new raincoat for me and my dad. I just got overwhelmed, kissed my mom and hurried for school with my dad. I reached on time and all thanks to my mom for buying a raincoat for me which save me that day.

It is really disappointing for the parents when the child is getting ready for the school and its pouring outside. A prepared mom or dad will save the day and ease the first-day jitters by offering the perfect raincoat before sending the kids off to the bus stop.

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To be prepared, you must plan ahead. Rainy season really brings pleasant weather with lots of fun and greenery. At the same time it invites lots of health disorder and dealing with this is not a difficult provided that you should follow certain quick remedies. Parents of small children need to be extra-careful during rainy season to prevent such disorder.

Parents should be aware of the problem so that they can take required precautions during this season. Cold and flu are the common problems which occur in this season. Whenever you go out during rainy reason make sure to carry the rain coat along with you and for your child also, it will save from the rain. Unfortunately when you don’t have rain coat try to find out a shelter which can save you from getting wet. You should also consider certain things before buying the rain coat for your child:

1. Think about the seasons your child will use a raincoat. If you are buying it to use during the colder months, a heavier, lined rain slicker is the best way to go. For spring, a lightweight, waterproof spring jacket is probably best.

2. Consider removable liners. Some raincoats come with removable liners so you can use them for different seasons.

3. Look for matching sets. Some raincoats come with matching rain boots and umbrellas to make your children completely waterproof.

4. Choose a size that will fit your child the longest. You usually buy at least one or two seasons ahead, so choose a size larger than your child currently wears.

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5. Let your child try it on. They will wear this coat at recess and on the playground, so make sure they can easily move and play.


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