How To Help Your Child Go Through Toilet Training Resistance

Toilet Training Resistance
Toilet Training Resistance

Toilet training is a very important factor in any child’s development. Ideally a child can be started on toilet training between 18 and 24 months. This is when they will be able to understand and grasp what you are asking them to do.

While it is quite easy to toilet train a child with a little extra patience and effort from the parents, not all children are co operative. There are some who will throw tantrums and show a lot of toilet training resistance.

In such cases, it is very important that you do not get frustrated and antagonize the child. You have to show him or her that you are backing off but gently keep reminding them of the need to use the potty chair or the toilet, though not very often.

If there is consistent toilet training resistance in spite of your repeated efforts, then it is advisable to notice if the child is actually experiencing any problems like constipation or burning while urinating. In such cases you will have to address the health problem first and put off toilet training till the problem is settled and he or she is cured of his discomfort.

You can be very sure your child is not going to give up his toilet training resistance if you keep pressurising him into it. If you show your anxiety and are too eager to train your child before he or she starts preschool, then the child gets anxious or pressured and sometimes even rebellious. He will not make any effort to get trained and will resist even more. It is a good idea to wait for an opportunity to see when the child is less negative before gently starting the process again.

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Toilet Training Resistance #1
Toilet Training Resistance #1

Ignorance is therefore the key. If you give a lot of negative attention to his toilet training resistance, it only aggravates the situation. If you ignore the issue for some time till it goes out of his mind and gently start training them again, you can definitely find results.

Whether we accept it or not fact remains that toddlers and children have a will of their own. This is evident in the fact that there are cases where the parents have been facing toilet training resistance from their child and on ignoring for some time the child actually starts using the potty chair on its own.

Another thing you have to be careful about while handling your child’s toilet training resistance is not to get too frustrated or angry with them and punish them in case of accidents. This is a sure shot way of postponing his or her training.

The best way to handle this is to be very casual and calm about it and help him change into dry clothes. Even after they are toilet trained some children will take time to completely come out of accidents. It is all the more important at this stage to be patient and gentle with them.

It is better to avoid toilet training a child during any period of stress like shifting of the house, during family weddings or functions, etc. This helps in avoiding toilet training resistance from your child.


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