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Children of Alcoholics
Children of Alcoholics

According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, about 11 million children of America have alcoholic parents. Those parents have no control on their alcohol intake, they create ruckus at home, get involved in brawl outside, meet with road accidents while driving, ignore their responsibilities. It is but natural; then, the children of these families become scared, angry and depressed. They feel insecure physically and emotionally. They have no one to go to for help or sympathy.

What make things worse is that alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence is not only the problem of the adults but the future generation of the economy, the youth between the age group 12 to 20 also falls prey to such malice.

They then lose control of their lives, take to limitless vices of the world. That includes everything from harming other people, to resorting to unfair practices of getting fake Id along with fake ID cards and fake Drivers License. When they resort to driving license faking you can understand the impact. They are acting extremely irresponsible. They are not just endangering their own lives but numerous other lives of innocent people on road.

The more you delve into facts, the heavier your heart becomes. In just last one year, there were over 735,000 assaults on teenagers related to alcohol. More than 17,000 Americans die every year in alcohol-related traffic crashes. Every 30 minute, there is an alcohol-related death, while a whopping 41% of all traffic crashes are alcohol related.

You can understand the grave situation that the social condition is in due to the activities of a handful of unscrupulous vendors who provide fake id to the teens and fake driving license to the under age. Now, the big question lies in what can be done What should one do How many reasonable minds and hands, how many sympathetic hearts, how many ruthless decision makers will it take to put a stop to the malice and help the people who have diverted from the path of goodness back to the normal flow of life? What will it take to help them to cope up and their family members to patiently steer the lives of their dear ones back to normalcy

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It will take lots of efforts to free the society of such malpractices and bring back the diverted back to the path of social decorum. For that to happen the root cause has to be eliminated. TA3 as a company fights the sites which sell fake IDs, fake driving licenses and fake ID cards.

The family members can do a lot to help the persons addicted to alcohol and into alcohol abuse. So, TA3 communicates with the family members through a set of questionnaire and tries to help them help their family members and loved ones.

TA3 has a listing over 30 help organizations who fights underage drinking, teen alcoholism and drinking, reporting fake IDs, helping teens in trouble. They help you and your family members and respect your privacy and confidentiality.


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