Echo Boomer Brain Bust


I was flipping channels at about 3am trying to locate the next invention that was going to change my life and the world for $19.95.

Soon I channel-surfed my way to some obscure late night TV show that had a story on and about Echo Boomers. I watched with intrigue.

The show had some prominent journalist interviewing a fortune 500 executive that stated the thing that struck him most about the new generation of men and women coming into the workforce was their lack of long term vision and inability to get the job done.

He then went on to say that both men and women treated business like a video game, where if they didnt see instant results and get instant gratification, then it wasn?t of interest and was not worth pursuing any further. He also commented that today’s young employees could not proceed in a step wise fashion, and could not accomplish any task in a methodical way. As a retailer and partner of , I immediately started to try to place a connection.

Have these Echo Boomers been, for far too long, coddled by their parents, driven to soccer practice and told that it was OK to come in second place, provided with trophies JUST for participating and shown that mediocrity was OK?

The Fortune 500 executive went on to say what he had observed was when left to work by themselves without other adult oversight or guidance, these Echo Boomers were often lost.

For some awful reason I couldnt help but think of the Enron scandal, where earnings were fabricated to meet the expectations of the market. Now I know those involved in Enron are mostly of an earlier generation, but are we teaching similar behavior to our young through TV, video games, cell phones, Myspace etc?

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Educational toys, be they wooden or plastic, should always been a mainstay of children?s fun and games. Children should be encouraged to use their imaginations and given responsibilities to learn that life is not one big Burger King in which they can have it their way.

Although I do not have any children of my own at this point in my life I do observe the children around me, my nieces and nephews, friends? children and even the children of my business partners and associates. I have been a witness to the negative effects that 12 hrs a day of brain numbing TV has on some children and adults.

I say why not use a science kit or building toys as a fun activity on a rainy day instead of TV Encourage your children to use the creativity and imagination, which we as adults often tend to put on a shelf and never use, that your children possess an unlimited supply of.

I am not saying that it should be all education all of the time, everyone needs time to play and great educational toys feel like play. I also understand that children are still going to be impulsive, but I have seen that they are also prepared to make sacrifices for something that excites them. I know some adults that would kill for that excitement about..well anything!

Knowledge is power, and it is our responsibility as adults to give children the best opportunity to harness that power. To develop their minds, cultivate their thoughts and explore their imaginations. For children, nothing is impossibility, nothing is out of reach and there is no such thing as unattainable.

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Educational toys may not be the solution to all the world?s problems but in my opinion I think they are a good place to start.


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