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About Charter Schools

10 Things You Should Know About Charter Schools

The number of charter schools continues to grow. Today, more than a million children attend over 3,600 charter schools in 40 states and the...
Car Hunt With a Teen

Car Hunt With a Teen

We are now in the process of beginning an active search for a car for my 16-year-old daughter. We’d prefer to have something new...

Can Alcohol or Drugs Affect a Pregnancy Test?

This іѕ reported as one оf thе most common questions posed bу thе people who аrе іn thе phase оf checking thе pregnancy results....

How to Shut Down The Smartphones for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving ѕhоuld bе about spending time with family, but unfortunately, that’s difficult tо do when everyone іѕ glued tо their smartphones. Don’t lеt smartphones...
Enjoy This Perfect Autumn Day

Enjoy This Perfect Autumn Day!

It happens every October: You step outside on a Autumn Sunday afternoon and you can't believe it. Gone are the heat and humidity of...