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Family Relationships: Unraveling Threads

The issue of teen pregnancy requires one to dig deeper into the problem in hopes of finding answers to the most difficult and confusing questions. It means examining family relationships, one’s upbringing, the media’s role, peer pressure,

Surrogacy Spreading Happiness on Millions of Prospective Parents Faces

About 10% of male and females of reproductive age today are suffering from infertility. A report reveals that 6.1 million people in U.S. are affected by infertility. Infertility in males and females can be treated with the

The Parent Will Always Right

This is one among the most disturbing things concerning sending your kid off to highschool and to public school particularly. In several subtle ways in which, the school appears to send the message to you that you

Math-tutoring Web Site ‘adds Up’ For Students

Good news for parents who want to help their child master mathematics: A popular math-tutoring system has up-dated its graphics, added interactive lessons and installed them on the Internet. The system also has an instant feedback function

Parenting Tips For Inspiring Children to be Well Behaved

The most difficult and trying thing that any person can do in life is raising children. But at the same time, it is also the most rewarding experience. Every mother and father wants to be proud of

Outdoor Games Can Be Healthy

When you look at the games that your children play, do you ever think about how times have changed? You may not have sat back and thought about it, but it’s clear that childhood habits have changed

Parenting For A Special Needs Child

When a special needs child presents all the unique needs associated with his/her situation, parents face challenges that can sometimes be quite difficult. Certain conditions are more severe than others and can be paired with medical problems

Adhd Psychostimulant Drugs – Do Our Children Deserve This Treatment?

All you have to do is to read a few ADHD blogs and you will soon see that the problems some children have in taking psychostimulant ADHD medication is alarming to say the least. There is concern

Superheroes: Positive Role Models?

We all grew up with superheroes. Maybe we wanted to be Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Are superheroes positive role models for our children? Batman Bruce Wayne, the man behind the bat, is an independently wealthy millionaire.

Enjoy This Perfect Autumn Day!

It happens every October: You step outside on a Autumn Sunday afternoon and you can’t believe it. Gone are the heat and humidity of summer, replaced by crisp, clear, clean air that fills your lungs in a