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Raising Baby On The Cheap

Have you ever read those reports on the cost of raising a child? The last time I checked, I was told that it would cost the astronomical figure of $430,470 to raise my baby… and that didn’t

Parents Told To Let Kids Play With Paedophiles – What Next Give Them Guns

Were your days of growing up far happier than that of these times? A recent statement from Ed Balls, said the “vast majority of children feel happy and safe”. He also said “Childhood is better than it’s

Kids Should Carry Raincoat To School During Rainy Season

After the scorching summer season, monsoon arrived. I was getting ready for my school and my mom was preparing breakfast for me. I had a test in my school; I kept the note book open on the

Teenage Children-4 Great Tips For An Enduring Relationship For Life

Being a teenager has its own set of difficulties and can sometimes lead to turmoil ? as we see and read about in our daily lives. It is crucial, therefore, that as parents, we try to give

Learning To Apply Information

There are many definitions of intelligence, but the one I have learned in high school claimed that intelligence in nature is the ability of an animal or a human to use the information they have learned. I

Educate Yourself About The Basics Of Adoption Information

There is nothing relatively new to adoption information, except that it has the potential to turn ones life upside down and has the power to stir an emotional turmoil in an individual. Whatever the case, adoption creates

What Does Your Baby Boy Wear?

Baby boy wear has come a long way since the little blue fuzzy sleepers and sailor suits that distinguished the boys from the girls oh so long ago. Today baby boy wear is as hip and stylish

Finding Other Adults To Support Your Teenager And You

Middle and high school years present many challenges, changes and decisions for young people. It’s also a time when children question whether or not they can talk to their parents about personal issues to get the advice

How To Staying Connected to Your Teen

“We need tо rethink thе old metaphor оf separating frоm our teens аnd replace іt with thе concept оf extension. Thаt is, during adolescence, teenagers need tо extend away frоm their parents, all thе while staying connected

Top 30 Essential Tips To Stay Connected With Your Teen

Parents оf teenagers frequently tell me thаt they nо longer know how tо connect with their children. Sо I asked Elyse Suter, who had recently graduated frоm college аnd wаѕ working as my assistant, tо help me