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How To Teach Your Child Right From Wrong

0 – 1 YEAR- At this stage in life, the concepts of right and wrong are not possible to teach. Rather, an infant who is shown warmth,cuddling and loving attention is likely to grow into a healthy

10 Things You Should Know About Charter Schools

The number of charter schools continues to grow. Today, more than a million children attend over 3,600 charter schools in 40 states and the District of Columbia. While such schools can serve a real need in the

Parenthood Involves Specific Skills And Unique Challenges

There is a good example of this, which has to do with everyone having a unique personality, with both positive and negative points. Then all of that seems to get mixed in a blender, and the result

Child Care Is A Must For Working Parents

Having a baby at home is a wonderful experience. Looking after the baby and caring for it is an even more fulfilling experience. When calculating how much to feed a baby, on average a baby needs two

Talking To Your Kids About Their Donor Dads

For many gay, lesbian, choice single parents and infertile couples, donor sperm is a God send. Artificial insemination is often far less expensive than adopting a child. Many couples place a high value on the biological bonds

How To Protect Your Kids With Computer Monitoring Software

Predators and pedophiles regularly use the internet as a tool to gain trust and access to children. If you ever watched to catch a predator, its obvious how many predators and repeat predators online there are. They

Learning To Read: Why Is Rhyme Important?

for learning. Rhymes are easier to learn and remember than non-rhymes and that is why many learning tools for older children and adults still include rhyme. Rhyme is important to emergent literacy and learning to read because

How Can Behavior Modification Programs Help my Child?

Need ideas to modify your child’s behavior? You’ve come to the right place. All children misbehave at some point of their lives. Parents struggle to find out ways to deal with their child’s behavior. If you have

Tips To Help Kids With Teenage Bulimia Nervosa

Children that are dealing with teenage bulimia nervosa may need some assistance in order to help them deal with this behaviour. Parents need to have a full understanding about how to help their children deal with this

Set an Example For Your Kids

Childhood obesity is an epidemic. We see news information about it all of the time and we see evidence of it every day when we walk along the road, go into our neighborhood shops or pick up