Breastfeeding Questions


There are many questions when it comes to breastfeeding, many women have not actually breast fed a child before and are curious as to how it is done. There are many other questions that women will ask about breastfeeding, but here are just a few with there answers so that you know how to approach each situation with a little more confidence.

A common question that is asked by many new mothers is, how do I breastfeed my child? Well, this question is quite simply answered. It is fairly self explanatory, but here is an explanation to those who do not know how to breastfeed their child. Basically, bring up your baby to your breasts and bring its mouth towards either one of your nipples, then allow the baby to apply suction. This may take some time, but usually the baby knows what to do and it will begin to suck your nipple and draw milk. Breastfeeding from birth can be a good idea as it will give them a much better intake compared to standard milk.

Another common question is, how can I avoid biting when it comes to breastfeeding? This is a very good question, and in fact there is a fairly simple solution when it comes to this problem. If you have a child which has a tendency to bite, then I strongly suggest that you take some of your breast milk and put it in a bottle so that your baby can suck from the bottle. If a baby bites it can not only be quite painful but it can leave your nipple sore for quite a while. The nipple is a sensitive area and it is important that whenever you are breastfeeding that you take care. But if your baby tends to bite a lot then it is suggested that you move onto bottled breast milk.

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Another question that is asked a lot of the time is, is it appropriate to breast feed in public? Well, the answer is relatively simple, however there is some controversy around the entire subject and though some may agree, others will not. You are allowed to breastfeed in public, and you should do it with full confidence. But I do recommend however, if you want to avoid clashing opinions that you go somewhere private when out and about. However, at the end of the day it is completely up to you as to what you do and you have the right to breastfeed your child, so if you want to breastfeed your child in public, do so.

Many questions are asked about breastfeeding, and there are many answers to many more questions around the internet, just have a look around because there are a lot of sources in which you can find the information you are looking for. Always remember that you are the one in control, so please do feel free to refer to these tips if you are stuck as to what to do. It is your child and breastfeeding is within your rights.


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