Articles On Parenting: Fact Or Fiction?

Articles On Parenting
Articles On Parenting

As a parent, it is important to get good information when it comes to parenting your children. There is nothing worse than reading articles on parenting that give bad advice and you read it not knowing that the article is biased in some way. Parents rely on friend’s advice, parenting focused magazine articles and books for advice on how to handle the challenges that parenting throws at them.

It is important to make sure that you know who the information is being written by, what is their parenting philosophy and so forth. Last, but, not least, if something doesn’t sit right in your heart then don’t take the advice. Your intuition is usually right and specific advice is simply not going to work for everyone.

One of the best articles on parenting that I have read suggested that I should “Watch the baby and not the clock” in regards to a feeding schedule. Many people have differing opinions about how often babies should nurse or bottle feed.

It is important to know that breastfed babies digest human milk faster than formula so they will usually want to nurse sooner than a bottle fed baby will want to eat. No amount of articles on parenting should make you value the advice over hearing the cry of your child cuing you that they are hungry. Every baby is different, and will have a different feeding schedule. As the baby gets older their schedule will change as well to meet their nutritional needs at that time.

The best advice to give a new mother is that when someone is offering advice, and they will get a lot of it, just to take the advice and use what works for her and to leave the rest. The same goes for articles on parenting as well.

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Parents can pick out pieces of information that are useful to them and leave the rest of the information that they don’t agree with or that they believe will not meet their family’s needs. She may even decide to do a little more research on the issue to make any more informed decision.

Parenting is such a hard job, and new moms have so many doubts, fears and questions. It is important to have a more experienced mother that you respect available to bounce ideas off of and to get advice from.

Parenting advice has changed over the years. Pediatricians are constantly updating parents with new information and ideas through articles on parenting. It is important to stay current with parenting information, but not to forget that this is your baby and you are ultimately responsible for their well being.


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