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Parents Told To Let Kids Play With Paedophiles – What Next Give Them Guns

Were your days of growing up far happier than that of these times? A recent statement from Ed Balls, said the “vast majority of children feel happy and safe”. He also said “Childhood is better than it’s

Helping Your Teens To Cope With Peer Pressure

As parents we are very protective of our children and spend a lot of time trying to keep them from getting themselves into trouble. Amongst other things this means teaching them what we believe to be right

Kids Should Carry Raincoat To School During Rainy Season

After the scorching summer season, monsoon arrived. I was getting ready for my school and my mom was preparing breakfast for me. I had a test in my school; I kept the note book open on the

Teenage Children-4 Great Tips For An Enduring Relationship For Life

Being a teenager has its own set of difficulties and can sometimes lead to turmoil ? as we see and read about in our daily lives. It is crucial, therefore, that as parents, we try to give

5 Important Tips To Choosing A Babysitter

A babysitter is someone that you trust to you look after your child while you?re out, and it?s important that you know a lot more about the person that you choose to care for your child than

Dinnertime And Your Child’s Learning – How You Can Connect The Dots And Make A Difference

Dinnertime is good for your child’s learning abilities and social development. If you are concerned about your child’s performance in school, declining grades or worrisome social skills, there IS something you can do to help. Can you

Learning To Apply Information

There are many definitions of intelligence, but the one I have learned in high school claimed that intelligence in nature is the ability of an animal or a human to use the information they have learned. I

Cause For Alarm: What Parents Miss When Childproofing

As new parents prepare for the arrival of their baby, they’ll likely make safety a top priority. They put poisons out of reach, cover up unused electrical outlets and install safety gates. But experts say parents may

There Is Strength In A Herd

I once was asked to speak to a group of teenage boys about the importance of families. I am a high school religion teacher and often speak to teens. But this assignment made me nervous because I

Take An Online Parenting Class And Be A Better Parent

These days, parents have a lot on their plates. Coping with the daily work and extra work of the child it is tough to handle. This is one of the chief reasons that parent education programs are