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How To Bully – Proof Your Child

The first thing you can do to ?bully-proof? your child is to become informed. Be a Detective: Here are some signs that your child might be a victim on bullying: Your child suddenly becomes less eager to

Keep Kids Safe Online During Summer Vacation

During vacation, kids often stay up late, sleep in late and play outside a lot. Today’s kids also spend more time online during the summer, playing video games, surfing the Internet, and meeting friends in chat rooms

Picky Eaters: Normal Or Pathological?

The toddler period presents huge changes in development in many areas. Feeding in particular presents several challenges for parents. The once eager eater who opened his mouth for everything you presented on the spoon is now much

International Adoption Agencies In Texas

There are a number of international adoption agencies in Texas but how do you go about finding an adoption agency to work with if you are looking into international adoption? In this article we will look into

Have You Lost Track Of Your Family Time?

Back in the ’50s, families gathered around the dinner table (and often the breakfast table) to eat and talk and catch up with each other. Today, it’s rare that a family finds the time and circumstances to

Is Your Child Present Focused?

Does your child complain and resist going to extracurricular activities only to have fun once you get them there? Once they are at a fun activity, does your child resist leaving? As a Martial Arts School Owner,

Smartstart: Home-based Cognitive And Language Remediation Program For Internationally Adopted Children

Children of different ages adopted internationally are often at risk educationally. Deprived of essential learning experiences in orphanages, children are indeed disadvantaged and may have cognitive and language problems moving to more advanced levels of learning after

How To Teach Your Child Right From Wrong

0 – 1 YEAR- At this stage in life, the concepts of right and wrong are not possible to teach. Rather, an infant who is shown warmth,cuddling and loving attention is likely to grow into a healthy

10 Things You Should Know About Charter Schools

The number of charter schools continues to grow. Today, more than a million children attend over 3,600 charter schools in 40 states and the District of Columbia. While such schools can serve a real need in the

Parenthood Involves Specific Skills And Unique Challenges

There is a good example of this, which has to do with everyone having a unique personality, with both positive and negative points. Then all of that seems to get mixed in a blender, and the result